AsyncStatus Class


A sealed class that contains the status information for asynchronous operations and that provides a request state to track asynchronous state.

Namespace:   Microsoft.ManagementConsole
Assembly:  Microsoft.ManagementConsole (in Microsoft.ManagementConsole.dll)

Inheritance Hierarchy



public sealed class AsyncStatus : Status
public ref class AsyncStatus sealed : Status
type AsyncStatus = 
        inherit Status
Public NotInheritable Class AsyncStatus
    Inherits Status


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubproperty Title

Gets or sets the title that identifies the status object in the UI. (Inherited from Status.)


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod Complete(String, Boolean)

Called to finish showing the status for a scope node on the status bar. (Inherited from Status.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod EnableManualCompletion()

Enables manual completion of the status display. The execution handler is allowed to return without completing the status message.

System_CAPS_pubmethod Equals(Object)

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetHashCode()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetType()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod ReportProgress(Int32, Int32, String)

(Inherited from Status.)

System_CAPS_pubmethod ToString()

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Thread Safety

Any public static ( Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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