Shared Folders Extensible Node Types

The Shared Folders snap-in allows extensions for the following node types.

Node type Node type GUID
Open File result items {4E410F15-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Open Files container node {4E410F11-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Session result items {4E410F14-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Sessions container node {4E410F10-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Share result items {4E410F13-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Shares container node {4E410F0F-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}
Shared Folders root node {4E410F0E-ABC1-11D0-B944-00C04FD8D5B0}



The Shared Folders snap-in is both a stand-alone snap-in and a namespace extension to the Computer Management snap-in. The extensibility features of the Shared Folders snap-in are the same in both stand-alone mode or extension mode.