Using Taskpads: Interfaces

Taskpads require the implementation of the following interfaces and methods:

Other Constructs

Taskpads use the following structures:

Taskpads use the following enumerated types:

Taskpads use the following notification:

MMC Taskpad Controls and Objects

MMC has the following ActiveX® controls that are used on taskpad HTML pages:

ListPad control

Displays a list-view control that contains items from an IResultData result list. Used on list view taskpads only.

MMCCtrl control

Gets the taskpad configuration information (text, graphics, tasks) from the snap-in and communicates data back to the snap-in.

SysColorCtrl control

Is used on a taskpad DHTML page to get system color settings that can be applied to the taskpad. The control also has methods to derive colors based on one or more specified colors.

Taskpads also use the following objects (which are created by methods in the MMCCtrl control):

MMCDisplayObject object

A value that specifies the type of image and all the data required to use that image to display a task or the background on a taskpad.

MMCListPadInfo object

Represents a label and a button for the ListPad control to be added to the taskpad page. Should be used on list view taskpads only.

MMCTask object

Represents a task to be added to the taskpad.

Using Taskpads: Implementation Details