FeedEnclosure Object

Exposes methods and properties of the enclosure.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the FeedEnclosure object.


Method Description
AsyncDownload Starts an asynchronous download.
CancelAsyncDownload Cancels an asynchronous download.
RemoveFile Deletes the enclosure file or cancels any pending or in-progress downloads.
SetFile Adds the downloaded enclosure file to the Windows RSS Platform.


Property Description
DownloadMimeType Retrieves the final MIME type for the downloaded enclosure.
DownloadStatus Retrieves the current download status of the feed or enclosure.
DownloadUrl Retrieves the URL that was used to download the enclosure.
LastDownloadError Retrieves the last download error.
Length Retrieves the length value from the enclosure.
LocalPath Retrieves the local system path where the enclosure is stored.
Parent Retrieves the parent object.
Type Retrieves the MIME type from the enclosure.
Url Retrieves the URL from the enclosure.


The enclosure is a media object that is attached to the item. Enclosures may be downloaded from the feed automatically (on a schedule) or on demand.

This scripting object is implemented by the IFeedEnclosure interface.

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