IFeedItem Interface

Exposes methods and properties of a single item in a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed.

IFeedItem Members

Author Retrieves the author from the feed item.
Comments Retrieves the URL of the comments page from the feed item.
Delete Deletes the feed, folder, or item.
Description Retrieves a phrase or sentence that describes the feed or item.
DownloadUrl Retrieves the URL from which the feed item was downloaded.
Enclosure Retrieves the IFeedEnclosure object associated with the feed item.
Guid Retrieves the guid from the feed item.
IsRead Sets or retrieves the read status of the feed item.
LastDownloadTime Retrieves the date and time of the last successful download.
Link Retrieves the URL from the feed item.
LocalId Retrieves the assigned ID of the feed item.
Modified Retrieves the date and time of the last modification for this item.
Parent Retrieves the parent object.
PubDate Retrieves the publication date of the feed item.
Title Retrieves the title from the feed or feed item.
Xml Returns the XML fragment for the feed item.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation msfeeds.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IDispatch
Header and IDL files msfeeds.h, msfeeds.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 7
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP2