Windows DAC/MDAC Deprecated Components

Microsoft provides a broad set of data access technologies that provides a variety of methods to work with databases.


Beginning with Windows Vista, this set of technologies is called Windows Data Access Components (Windows DAC). Windows DAC is included in Windows Vista and is not available separately. MDAC 2.8 was included in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. There is also a redistributable version of MDAC, MDAC 2.8 Service Pack (SP) 1. This version should only be installed on Windows 2000. Because the Windows DAC/MDAC technologies are Windows components, support for these components depends on the Windows life cycle (for more information about the Windows life cycle, click here).

As new versions of Windows are released, some components may be deprecated and removed. This topic discusses the deprecation of various Windows DAC/MDAC components. When modifying existing applications, you are strongly encouraged to remove any dependency on these components. For more information about to understand the deprecation, Data Access Technologies Roadmap.

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