Provider Requirements


To obtain the conformance tests, you must install the standalone MDAC 2.8 SP1 SDK. The conformance tests are not included with Windows DAC in Windows Vista.

The following requirements have been imposed to solve the stated problems and still work with the broad range of providers:

  • To connect to your provider, you must first know the initialization properties and values.

  • If you are testing commands, you must know the command syntax for all statements.


    Because commands are not in Level 0, you will not use them if you use CONFLEVEL=CONF_LEVEL_0 | CONF_STRICT options. These options specify that all Level 0 interfaces are supported or that only Level 0 interfaces are used when running the tests, respectively.

  • If you are testing commands, you should use the DEFAULTQUERY= statement or require that DEFAULTQUERY be used. When the test attempts to generate a statement for SELECT_ORDERBYNUMERIC and there is no SQL support, the query specified will be used. This query is used by the TableDump utility for getting the data, and all other queries will have the same value as specified with the DEFAULTQUERY= statement.

  • To verify data correctly for all providers, you must obtain all columns and rows of data and place them into the initialization file.