Scoped Tree Manipulation Operations

Consumers can perform scoped operations by calling IScopedOperations methods.

IScopedOperations contains the methods Move, Copy, and Delete, which perform move, copy, and delete operations on the tree (or subtrees, using absolute or relative URLs) rooted at a given node. Each method can operate on multiple nodes in a single invocation. Providers that implement IScopedOperations on row objects must at a minimum support Copy, Delete, and Move for source and destination URLs within the scope of the subtree whose root is the node that is bound to the current row object. Whether these operations can be performed on source and destination URLs outside the scope of the current row object is provider-specific.

When a tree or subtree is moved or copied to a destination tree or subtree, the provider might need to generate the suffix of the destination URL. The data source property DBPROP_GENERATEURL indicates whether the provider generates URL suffixes or whether the consumer must supply the complete destination URL.

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