Providers that support parameters must support ICommandWithParameters. Any provider that returns DBPROPVAL_SQL_ANSI92_INTERMEDIATE or DBPROPVAL_SQL_ANSI92_FULL for the DBPROP_SQLSUPPORT property can support parameters.

This optional interface encapsulates parameters. Parameters are scalar values, or a vector of scalar values, typically expressed in predicates but possibly supported by many providers in any scalar expression.

For scalar parameters of prepared commands, there is a presumption that different parameter values do not require different plans. In other words, a single preparation and its resulting plan are satisfactory for all possible values of scalar parameters.

Parameter values are set when a command is executed. Methods are included here to offer a means for setting and obtaining a list of parameters and their types.




Gets a list of the command's parameters, their names, and their types.


Returns an array of parameter ordinals when given named parameters.


Specifies the native data type of each parameter.

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