Property group: Initialization


Type: VT_I4

Typical R/W: R/W

Description: OLE DB Services

A bitmask specifying OLE DB services to enable or disable. To use this property, the provider must support service components and must have been invoked with IDataInitialize on the OLE DB Initialization core service. For more information about OLE DB services, see OLE DB Services. This property overrides the settings of the OLEDB_SERVICES registration key. For more information about these settings, see Overriding Provider Service Defaults and related topics. A combination of zero or more of the following:

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_RESOURCEPOOLING ? Resources should be pooled.

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_TXNENLISTMENT ? Sessions in a Component Services (or MTS, if you are using Microsoft? Windows NT?) environment should automatically be enlisted in a global transaction where required.

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_ENABLEALL (default) ? All services should be invoked. By default, all services are enabled and invoked as requested. Individual services can be deselected by specifying the bitwise-AND of DBPROPVAL_OS_ENABLEALL along with the bitwise complement of any services to be deselected. For example, DBPROPVAL_OS_ENABLEALL &~DBPROPVAL_OS_TXNENLISTMENT enables all services except automatic transaction enlistment in the Component Services environment.

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_DISABLEALL ? All services should be disabled.

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_AGR_AFTERSESSION ? Indicates support for services operating beyond the session level, such as the Client Cursor Engine. For maximum performance, consumers should not set this bit if such services are not required. The setting for DBPROPVAL_OS_AGR_AFTERSESSION will be ignored if contraindicated by another bit setting. For example, if DBPROPVAL_OS_CLIENTCURSOR is set, the value for DBPROPVAL_OS_AGR_AFTERSESSION is ignored.

  • DBPROPVAL_OS_CLIENTCURSOR ? Enables the Client Cursor Engine as needed, to support rowset behavior requested by the consumer and not implemented by the native provider. When this bit is set, the value for DBPROPVAL_OS_AGR_AFTERSESSION is ignored.

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