ISpGrammarBuilder::GetRule (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpGrammarBuilder::GetRule retrieves grammar rule's initial state.

    HRESULT GetRule(
   LPCWSTR        *pszRuleName,
   DWORD           dwRuleId,
   DWORD           dwAttributes,
   BOOL            fCreateIfNotExist,
   SPSTATEHANDLE  *phInitialState


  • pszRuleName
    [in] Address of the null-terminated string containing the grammar rule name. If NULL, no search is made for the name.
  • dwRuleId
    [in] Grammar rule identifier. If zero, no search is made for the rule ID.
  • dwAttributes
    [in] Grammar rule attributes for the new rule created.  Ignored if the rule already exists.  Must be of type SPCFGRULEATTRIBUTES. Values may be combined to allow for multiple attributes.
  • fCreateIfNotExist
    [in] Boolean indicating that the grammar rule is to be created if one does not currently exist. TRUE allows the creation; FALSE does not.
  • phInitialState
    [out] The initial state of the rule. May be NULL.

Return values



Either the rule name or ID must be provided (the other unused parameter can either be NULL or zero). If both a grammar rule name and identifier are provided, they both must match in order for this call to succeed. If the grammar rule does not already exist and fCreateIfNotExists is true, the grammar rule is defined. Otherwise this call will return an error.


The following code snippet illustrates the use of GetRule.

// Declare local identifiers:
HRESULT                       hr = S_OK;
CComPtr<ISpGrammarBuilder>    cpGrammarBuilder;
CComPtr<ISpGrammarBuilder>    cpBackend;
SPSTATEHANDLE                 hState;
SPSTATEHANDLE                 phTarget;
WCHAR                         *pszRuleName = L"SAPI5OBJECT:MyApp.ClassId\\\\RuleName";

// Create a rule with name and ID.
hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(L"rule1", 1, SPRAF_Dynamic, TRUE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // Create a rule with name only.
   hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(L"rule", 0, SPRAF_Dynamic, TRUE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // Create a rule with ID only.
   hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(NULL, 2, SPRAF_Dynamic, TRUE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // Get an existing rule by ID.
   hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(L"rule1", 1, SPRAF_Dynamic, FALSE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(NULL, 1, SPRAF_Dynamic, FALSE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // Get an existing rule by name.
   hr = cpGrammarBuilder->GetRule(L"rule1", 0, SPRAF_Dynamic, FALSE, &hState;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // Get rule references to other grammars and
   // compose the name of the rule as follows.
   // Please note the double back-slash before the rule name.
   // OBJECT --> pszRuleName = L"SAPI5OBJECT:MyApp.ClassId\\\\RuleName"
   // URL --> pszRuleName = L"URL:\\\\RuleName"
   hr = cpBackend->GetRule(pszRuleName, 0 , SPRAF_Import, TRUE, &phTarget;);

if (SUCCEEDED (hr))
   // phTarget contains a valid rule handle that can by
   // used to reference the rule; now do some more stuff.