ISpSREngine2::PrivateCallImmediate (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpSREngine2::PrivateCallImmediate does the same thing as the PrivateCallEx function, but does it faster because it functions on a separate thread.

    HRESULT PrivateCallImmediate(
   void          *pvEngineContext,
   const void    *pInCallFrame,
   ULONG          ulInCallFrameSize,
   void         **ppvCoMemResponse,
   ULONG         *pulResponseSize


  • pvEngineContext
    [in] The engine's pointer for this context, as returned from a previous call to OnCreateRecoContext.
  • pInCallFrame
    [in] Address of the engine-specific input data.
  • ulInCallFrameSize
    [in] Size, in bytes, of the engine-specific data contained in pInCallFrame.
  • ppvCoMemResponse
    [out] Address of a pointer to the response block information from the SR engine. This must be allocated with CoTaskMemAlloc.
  • pulResponseSize
    [out] Size, in bytes, of the ppvCoMemResponse data.

Return values