ISpSREngineSite::Recognition (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpSREngineSite::Recognition returns a recognition result to SAPI.

    HRESULT Recognition(SPRECORESULTINFO   *pResultInfo


  • pResultInfo
    [in] Pointer to type SPRECORESULTINFO indicating the results.

Return values



The phrase can be either a hypothesis or a final result. If it is a hypothesis, a hypothesis event is issued to all interested recognition contexts. A final result event is issued to the target grammar that the result refers to. An engine can also send a false recognition with this method, indicating it has low confidence in the result.

If the return value from this call is S_FALSE, there are no more active rules and the engine is free to exit the RecognizeStream call without reading or processing any more data. Otherwise, the engine should continue reading data and continue recognition.

An ISpSREngineSite::AddEvent call with an SPEI_PHRASE_START parameter as the event type must precede the call to Recognition. For more details on this method, see the SR Engine Guide.