SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3

SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags Enum

The SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags enumeration lists flags that control the SpVoice.Speak method.


  Enum SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags
    'SpVoice Flags
    SVSFDefault = 0
    SVSFlagsAsync = 1
    SVSFPurgeBeforeSpeak = 2
    SVSFIsFilename = 4
    SVSFIsXML = 8
    SVSFIsNotXML = 16
    SVSFPersistXML = 32

    'Normalizer Flags
    SVSFNLPSpeakPunc = 64

    'TTS Format
    SVSFParseSapi = 
    SVSFParseSsml = 
    SVSFParseAutoDetect = 

    SVSFNLPMask = 64
    SVSFParseMask = 
    SVSFVoiceMask = 127
    SVSFUnusedFlags = -128
End Enum


  • SVSFDefault
    Specifies that the default settings should be used. The defaults are:
    • To speak the given text string synchronously (override with SVSFlagsAsync),
    • Not to purge pending speak requests (override with SVSFPurgeBeforeSpeak),
    • To parse the text as XML only if the first character is a left-angle-bracket (override with SVSFIsXML or SVSFIsNotXML),
    • Not to persist global XML state changes across speak calls (override with SVSFPersistXML), and
    • Not to expand punctuation characters into words (override with SVSFNLPSpeakPunc).
  • SVSFlagsAsync
    Specifies that the Speak call should be asynchronous. That is, it will return immediately after the speak request is queued.
  • SVSFPurgeBeforeSpeak
    Purges all pending speak requests prior to this speak call.
  • SVSFIsFilename
    The string passed to the Speak method is a file name rather than text. As a result, the string itself is not spoken but rather the file the path that points to is spoken.
    The input text will be parsed for XML markup.
    The input text will not be parsed for XML markup.
  • SVSFPersistXML
    Global state changes in the XML markup will persist across speak calls.
  • SVSFNLPSpeakPunc
    Punctuation characters should be expanded into words (e.g. "This is it." would become "This is it period").
  • SVSFParseSapi
    Force XML parsing as MS SAPI.
  • SVSFParseSsml
    Force XML parsing as W3C SSML.
  • SVSFParseAutoDetect
    The TTS XML format is auto-detected. This is the default if none of these TTS XML format values are present in the bit-field.
    Flags handled by SAPI (as opposed to the text-to-speech engine) are set in this mask.
  • SVSFParseMask
  • SVSFVoiceMask
    This is an existing SAPI 5.1 mask that has every flag bit set. In 5.3, it has been extended to contain SVSFParseMask.
  • SVSFUnusedFlags
    This mask has every unused bit set.