ISpeechDataKey Interface (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The ISpeechDataKey automation interface provides read and write access to the speech configuration database.

The Speech configuration database contains folders which represent the resources on a computer which are used by SAPI 5.1 SR and TTS. These folders are organized into resource categories, such as voices, lexicons, and audio input devices. The SpObjectTokenCategory object provides access to a category of resources, and the SpObjectToken object provides access to a single resource.

An ISpeechDataKey object is typically created by the DataKey property of an SpObjectToken or the GetDataKey method of an SpObjectTokenCategory object. Such an ISpeechDataKey object provides read and write access to the database folder represented by its parent token or token category object. Further ISpeechDataKey objects can be created by CreateKey and OpenKey calls on existing ISpeechDataKey objects. ISpeechDataKey methods can create, delete and enumerate subfolders and values in the database folder represented by an ISpeechDataKey object.

Automation Interface Elements

The ISpeechDataKey automation interface contains the following elements:

CreateKey Method
DeleteKey Method
DeleteValue Method
EnumKeys Method
EnumValues Method
GetBinaryValue Method
GetLongValue Method
GetStringValue Method
OpenKey Method
SetBinaryValue Method
SetLongValue Method
SetStringValue Method