Behaviors Specific to the OLE DB Remoting Provider


This feature will be removed in a future version of Windows. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature. Applications should instead use WCF Data Service.

The remoted recordset does not exhibit exactly the same behavior as the original recordset. The consumer application on the client gets a recordset implemented by the client-side cursor engine. All the data and metadata associated with the original recordset is remoted, but only a subset of underlying rowset properties and interfaces is remoted. So if the original recordset supports a specific, nonstandard interface, the remoted recordset will not support it.

The RDS client-side recordset has the following characteristics and properties:

  • It is implemented in the client-side cursor engine with static cursors.

  • It is in disconnected mode (its ActiveConnection property is set to Nothing).

  • It has Update restrictions.

  • It supports asynchronous execution and fetching of recordsets.

  • It can support client-side sorting, filtering, and find operations.

  • It supports bookmarks. Bookmarks are not remoted across process/machine boundaries. Therefore, a bookmark that is valid on the original recordset will not be valid on the remoted one.

  • It can be bound directly to DHTML and other data-bound controls. In Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual J++? environments, the recordset can be directly bound to supported controls by setting it to the Datasource property. In HTML pages, RDS.DataControl can be used to bind the recordset to DHTML and other ActiveX controls on the page. The recordset is linked to RDS.DataControl by setting it to the SourceRecordset property on the data control.

  • It can be saved (persisted) into local files on the client if not running in Microsoft Internet Explorer (or if security settings in Internet Explorer have been set to Low to allow such operations).

For more information about the client-side Cursor Service for OLE DB, see the ADO documentation of the "Microsoft Cursor Service for OLE DB" in the ADO Programmer's Reference.

For more information about the RDS.DataControl object, see "Data Control Object (RDS)" in the ADO Programmer's Reference.

For more information about the ActiveConnection property, see "ActiveConnection Property" in the ADO Programmer's Reference.

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