IRowsetLocate : IRowset

IRowsetLocate is the interface for fetching arbitrary rows of a rowset. A rowset that does not implement this interface is a sequential rowset. IRowsetLocate is a prerequisite for IRowsetScroll.

When IRowsetLocate or one of its direct descendants is present on a rowset, column 0 is the bookmark for the rows. Reading this column will obtain a bookmark value that can be used to reposition to the same row.

When to Implement

IRowsetLocate is an optional interface on the rowset object. However, general consumers expect the rowset object to implement this interface, either natively or via OLE DB Services.




Compares two bookmarks.


Fetches rows, starting with the row specified by an offset from a bookmark.


Fetches the rows that match the specified bookmarks.


Returns hash values for the specified bookmarks.


All methods of IRowset.

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