ISpeechRecoResultTimes TickCount Property (SAPI 5.3)

Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Interface: ISpeechRecoResultTimes

TickCount Property

The TickCount property returns the elapsed time from the start of the system to the start of the current result.

It is specified in millisecond units. The TickCount returns zero if the wave file input is used.


Set: (This property is read-only)
Get: Long = ISpeechRecoResultTimes.TickCount


  • ISpeechRecoResultTimes
    The owning object.
  • Long
    Set: (This property is read-only)
    Get: A Variant type containing the elapsed time


When a recognition occurs with RecoResult, the TickCount can be extracted to determine the absolute time for the computer system. It is more accurate than retrieving the clock values.


Use of the ISpeechRecoResultTimes object is demonstrated in a code example at the end of this section.