Updating Data in Rowsets (OLE DB)

Consumers can change row data either through commands, such as the UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT commands in SQL, or through rowsets. This section discusses how consumers, by calling methods in IRowsetChange, change row data through rowsets. Two update modes are presented: immediate and deferred. The visibility of changes is discussed, both as it relates to the state of the row and as it relates to other changes affecting the row. Inserting rows in the desired position, resynchronizing rows, and refreshing row values are also discussed.

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Changing data by calling SetData, DeleteRows, and InsertRow in IRowsetChange

Changing Data

Immediate vs. deferred update mode

Immediate vs. Deferred Update Mode

The state of the row in deferred update mode

Row States in Deferred Update Mode

Visibility of changes

Visibility of Changes

Other changes affecting the row

Visibility of Other Changes

Inserting rows in the desired position

Position of Inserted Rows

Refreshing row values

Refreshing Row Data

This section contains the following topics: