IRowsetChapterMember:: IsRowInChapter

Determines whether or not a row is a member of a chapter.


HRESULT IsRowInChapter (
   HCHAPTER   hChapter,
   HROW       hRow);


  • hChapter
    [in] The chapter handle identifying the chapter in which the row is to be tested for membership. Providers should return S_OK if hRow is a member of the rowset identified by hChapter. An hChapter value of DB_NULL_HCHAPTER refers to the entire rowset. For a chaptered rowset, such as one involved in a hierarchy or in a filter or sort operation, this includes hRows that are members of any chapter of the rowset. Providers that do not support access to the unchaptered rowset may return DB_E_BADCHAPTER.

  • hRow
    [in] The row handle.

Return Code

    The method succeeded, and the row handle is not a member of this chapter.

  • S_OK
    The method succeeded, and the row handle is a member of the chapter.

  • E_FAIL
    A provider-specific error occurred.

    ITransaction::Commit or ITransaction::Abort was called, and the object is in a zombie state.

    hRow is invalid.

    hChapter is invalid.

    The rowset was single-chaptered, and the specified chapter was not the currently open chapter. The consumer must use the currently open chapter or release the currently open chapter before specifying a new chapter.


This method makes no logical change to the state of the object.

This method determines whether or not a row handle is a member of a chapter. This comparison could be used, for example, if the consumer receives a row handle through one of the methods in IRowsetNotify and needs to know whether it is a member of a chapter that the consumer already holds.