Resource Rowsets and Document Source Providers

OLE DB defines a special class of providers, called document source providers, which manage access to folders and documents. A provider indicates that it is a document source provider by setting the value of the DBPROP_DATASOURCE_TYPE property to DBPROPVAL_DST_DOCSOURCE.

A consumer can expect a document source provider to exhibit the following behavior:

  • When binding to a collection and requesting a rowset, the resource rowset defines the shape of that rowset.

  • When creating a new row via ICreateRow::CreateRow, the container class is defined to be a folder and the default columns of the new row are the columns of the resource rowset.

For more information about the column attributes associated with DBPROP_DATASOURCE_TYPE, see DBPROP_DATASOURCE_TYPE in Appendix C: OLE DB Properties.

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