IAccessor: Notes

Limitations: None

Implementation Notes

  • Accessors might not always be validated immediately at the time of creation. Instead, they may be validated at the time the first row is fetched. Errors will be returned at the first attempt to use such an accessor.

  • The ODBC Provider supports DBACCESSOR_PASSBYREF accessors. These accessors return a single pointer to the ODBC Provider's internal row buffer. This provides a significant speed improvement over copy or IMalloc bindings. The pointer is valid only while the row handle is active (until ReleaseRows is called).

  • The OLE DB specification does not enable a consumer to query for the layout of the internal buffer. The ODBC Provider will return DB_E_BADBINDINFO if the type does not match exactly or if the location of the status or length is incorrect.

  • The ODBC Provider does not support the DBACCESSOR_OPTIMIZED flag. The flag is ignored (for example, there is no special processing) if it is specified on an accessor.

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