IRowsetInfo provides information about a rowset.

When to Implement

All rowsets must implement IRowsetInfo.

When to Call

When a consumer gets an interface pointer on a rowset, its first step usually is to determine the rowset's capabilities using IUnknown::QueryInterface. It may call IRowsetInfo::GetProperties to learn the properties of the rowset that do not show up as distinct interfaces, such as the maximum number of active rows and how many rows can have pending updates at the same time.

IRowsetInfo also provides methods for retrieving objects associated with the rowset. IRowsetInfo::GetSpecification gets the object (command or session) that created the rowset. IRowsetInfo::GetReferencedRowset gets the rowset that is referenced by a bookmark-valued column.




Returns the current setting of all properties supported by the rowset.


Returns an interface pointer to the rowset to which a bookmark applies.


Returns an interface pointer on the object (command or session) that created the rowset.

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