IUpdateServerConfiguration.GetUpdateServerConfigurationState Method ()


Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

Gets the database state, which determines whether the WSUS database is able to process requests at this time.

Namespace:   Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.dll)


UpdateServerConfigurationState GetUpdateServerConfigurationState()
UpdateServerConfigurationState GetUpdateServerConfigurationState()
abstract GetUpdateServerConfigurationState : unit -> UpdateServerConfigurationState
Function GetUpdateServerConfigurationState As UpdateServerConfigurationState

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.UpdateServerConfigurationState

The current state of the WSUS database. Use the state to determine whether the database can process your request at this time. For a list of possible states, see UpdateServerConfigurationState.


Typically, you call this method before calling Save. The Save method throws an exception if the current state of the database is not Ready.

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