Provides an interface for character conversions, code page detection, and retrieving character information. This property is a pointer to an instance of IMultiLanguage2 (MLANG).

Default Value



This property can be set and retrieved by using the IXmlReader::SetProperty and IXmlReader::GetProperty methods. The pointer returned by a successful call to the IXmlReader::GetProperty method should be released through a call to the standard COM IUnknown::Release function. If additional encodings are needed, use the CoCreateInstance function to create an instance of CLSID_CMultiLanguage and pass that instance as an IMultiLanguage2 interface to the property.

A NULL value implies native encoding support. By default, the value of this property is NULL. The parser natively supports the following encodings:

  • UTF-8

  • UTF-16

  • UTF-16BE

  • UCS-2

  • UCS-4


  • ISO88591

  • ISO88592

  • ISO88593

  • ISO88594

  • ISO88595

  • ISO88596

  • ISO88597

  • ISO88598

  • ISO88599

  • Windows1250

  • Windows1251

  • Windows1252

  • Windows1253

  • Windows1254

  • Windows1255

  • Windows1256

  • Windows1257

  • Windows1258


Header: XmlLite.h

Library: XmlLite.lib

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