IXmlReader Properties


The following are the IXmlReader properties.

Your application can get properties via the GetProperty (IXmlReader) method, and can set properties via the SetProperty (IXmlReader) method.

Property Description
XmlReaderProperty_ConformanceLevel Specifies which level of conformance should be checked by the reader.
XmlReaderProperty_DtdProcessing Specifies whether Document Type Definitions (DTDs) are prohibited or allowed in the document.
XmlReaderProperty_MaxElementDepth Allows the user to set the maximum levels of nesting in elements.
XmlReaderProperty_MaxEntityExpansion Allows the user to set the maximum number of entities that resolves to 3 or more characters.
XmlReaderProperty_MultiLanguage A pointer to an instance of IMultiLanguage2 (MLANG).
XmlReaderProperty_RandomAccess Indicates whether the reader should use random access on the input stream.
XmlReaderProperty_ReadState Reports the state of the reader.
XmlReaderProperty_XmlResolver Provides an implementation of the IXmlResolver interface for the reader to enable external entity resolution.


These "properties" are actually implemented just as individual constants within the XmlReaderProperty enumerated type. However, because these constants signify different characteristics of the XML reader, they have been treated separately.


Header: XmlLite.h

Library: XmlLite.lib

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