getBaseURL Method (C-C++)


Returns the base URL for the document.


   [out] const wchar_t ** ppwchBaseUrl);   


The base URL (zero-terminated Unicode string) for the document. ppwchBaseUrl should not be modified or deleted because this can cause undefined behavior in the SAX parser. If you want to preserve the value that was returned in ppwchBaseUrl, you should make a deep copy.

Return Codes

The value returned if the URL is successfully returned.


The base URL represents the URL of the current XML document. The reader uses this base URL to resolve relative links (either for those links related to the parseURL method or for external entities in an XML document). To resolve these links, the reader uses the base URL in much the same way that an Internet browser uses a Web page's URL to resolve relative links contained on that page.

The base URL may be a complete URL. However, the reader only uses that portion of the URL up to and including the final backslash when resolving links. For instance, the base URL for a document is "". The reader would then only use "" when resolving links.

Here is an example of how the reader uses the base URL to resolve links. The base URL for a document is "". In that document, there is a link for "mytest.xml". The reader would resolve this link as "".


Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and later

Applies to

ISAXXMLReader Interface

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