documentLocator Property (Visual Basic)


Receives an interface pointer to the IVBSAXLocator interface, which provides methods for returning the column number, line number, public ID, or system ID for a current document event.

The reader supplies a Locator object to the application by invoking this property before invoking any other methods in the IVBSAXContentHandler interface. This locator allows the application to determine the end position of any document-related event, even if the parser is not reporting an error. Typically, the application uses this information for reporting its own errors (for example, if the character content does not match the business rules of the application).

Implementation Syntax

Property documentLocator As IVBSAXLocator  

Return Values

If failed, the ContentHandler raises a trappable error.


The Locator object returns the correct information only during the invocation of events in this interface. The application should not attempt to use this method at any other time.


Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and later

Applies to

ISAXContentHandler Interface

See Also

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