IVBMXNamespaceManager Members


The following tables show the properties, methods, and events.


allowOverride Controls whether the declarePrefix() method allows duplicate prefixes in the local context.


declarePrefix Binds the namespace prefix with the namespace URI in the current context.
getDeclaredPrefixes Returns a collection of declared namespace prefixes in the current context.
getPrefixes Returns a collection of namespace prefixes bound to the specified URI.
getURI Returns the namespace URI for the specified prefix.
getURIFromNode Returns the namespace URI for the provided prefix in the context of a DOM node.
popContext Pops local context from the top of the stack.
pushContext Pushes local context down the stack.
pushNodeContext Pushes local context down the stack while creating a new local context that is defined by a DOM node.
reset Clears the stack of contexts, emptying the current context.



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