preserveWhiteSpace Property


Specifies the default white space handling.

Script Syntax

boolVal = objXMLDOMDocument.preserveWhiteSpace;  
objXMLDOMDocument.preserveWhiteSpace = boolVal;  


The following script example first loads and displays a file with the preserveWhiteSpace property set to True and then reloads and displays the file with the preserveWhiteSpace property set to False.

var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");
xmlDoc.async = false;
xmlDoc.preserveWhiteSpace = true;
if (xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode != 0) {
   var myErr = xmlDoc.parseError;
   WScript.Echo("You have error " + myErr.reason);
} else {
   xmlDoc.async = false;
   xmlDoc.preserveWhiteSpace = false;

Visual Basic Syntax

boolVal = objXMLDOMDocument.preserveWhiteSpace;  
objXMLDOMDocument.preserveWhiteSpace = boolVal;  

C/C++ Syntax

HRESULT get_preserveWhiteSpace(  
    VARIANT_BOOL *isPreserving);  
HRESULT put_preserveWhiteSpace(  
    VARIANT_BOOL isPreserving);  


isPreserving[out, retval][in]
The value that indicates whether default processing preserves white space.

C/C++ Return Values

The value returned if successful.

E_INVALIDARG (for get_preserveWhiteSpaceonly)
The value returned if the isPreserving property is Null.


Boolean. The property is read/write. This property is initialized to False.

The preserveWhiteSpace property specifies the default white space handling. When preserveWhiteSpace is True, all white space is preserved, regardless of any xml:space attributes specified in the document type definition (DTD). It is equivalent to having an xml:space="preserve" attribute on every element.

When preserveWhiteSpace is False, the values of any xml:space attributes determine where white space is preserved.

The xml property does not preserve white space exactly as it appears in the original document. Instead, the object model replaces white space present in the original document with a single newline character in the representation returned by the xml property. In a similar way, the text property contains a representation without the leading and trailing spaces and replaces multiple intervening white space characters between words with a single space character.

The text and xml properties preserve white space when the preserveWhiteSpace property is set to True and xml:space on the XML element has the value "preserve."

This member is an extension of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Document Object Model (DOM).


Implemented in:

MSXML 3.0, MSXML 6.0

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