xmldecl-standalone Property


Returns the value of the standalone attribute (if used) in the XML declaration of a document parsed using the SAX reader.

JScript Syntax

oSaxReader.putProperty(strProp, strVal);  
strVal= oSaxReader.getProperty(strProp);  

Visual Basic Syntax

(strProp, strVal)  
strVal= oSaxReader.getProperty

C/C++ Syntax

HRESULT putProperty(BSTR strProp, VARIANT strVal);  
HRESULT getProperty(BSTR strProp, VARIANT* strVal);  


A BSTR string whose value is "xmldecl-standalone".

A BSTR* string whose value is taken from the standalone attribute as declared in the XML header of the currently parsed document. If there is no XML declaration found in the document being parsed, its value remains empty.


This property is limited to read-only access. Its data is only available while the SAX reader is actively parsing an XML document.

Applies to

Interface: ISAXXMLReader

Method: putProperty | getProperty


Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and later