Run the SaxJumpStart Example


In this topic, you will run the SaxJumpStart example.

Procedure Title

  1. The easiest way to run the SaxJumpStart example is to use the command prompt. Start a command prompt and change directories to the debug directory that contains the SaxJumpStart executable and the books.xml file.

  2. Run the example by entering the following at the command prompt:

  3. SaxJumpStart books.xml

  4. The example will output the following:

Parsing document: books.xml  
<?xml version="1.0" ?><books ="urn:books">  
   <book id="bk001">  
      <title>The First Book</title>  
      <review>An amazing story of nothing.</review>  
   <book id="bk002">  
      <title>The Poet's First Poem</title>  
      <review>Least poetic poems.</review>  
Parse result code: 00000000