getPublicId Method (C-C++)


Returns the public identifier for the current document event. A public identifier identifies a public domain file located in a publicly accessible place.


HRESULT getPublicId(  
   [out, retval] const wchar_t ** ppwchPublicId);   


ppwchPublicId[out, retval]
The public identifier or Null (if none is available). ppwchPublicId should not be modified or deleted, because this can cause undefined behavior in the SAX parser. If you want to preserve the value that was returned in ppwchPublicId, you should make a deep copy.

Return Value

The value returned if the public identifier is returned successfully; Null if no public identifier is available.


Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and later

Applies to

ISAXLocator Interface

See Also

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