validate Method (IXMLDOMSchemaCollection2-XMLDOMSchemaCollection)


Performs run-time validation on the documents in the schema cache that have not been compiled and validated. If a schema has its validateOnLoad property set to true when it is loaded into the cache, the schema will be compiled and validated at that time. The validate method is used when validateOnLoad is set to false. Steps 2 and 3 are postponed until the validate method is called.

The schema compilation steps are:

  1. Check Syntax and resolve names.

  2. Load and preprocess external schemas.

  3. Compile schema items respecting W3Cs rules.

MSXML 6.0 doesn't support XDR schemas; this method validates only against DTDs and XSD schemas.

JScript Syntax


Return Value


C/C++ Syntax

HRESULT validate();  

Return Value



Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and MSXML 6.0

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