putSecureBaseURL Method (C-C++)


Sets the secure base URL for the document. If the secure base URL is not set, full access is allowed. The secure base URL cannot be set during parsing. The underlying run-time environment determines the response to the security violation.

By setting the secure base URL, the application requests security enforcement by the Microsoft® Internet Explorer security settings, which control behavior on the user's computer. This means that the user, not the application, controls Internet security settings.

To understand what the secure base URL is, consider this example. When a parser reads an XML file from the site "www.a.com", both the base URL and the secure base URL are the same: "www.a.com". Now, consider that in the XML file there is an external reference to the site "www.b.com". When reading the externally referenced file, the base URL will be "www.b.com", while the secure base URL is still "www.a.com".


For security reasons, the secure base URL cannot be set with script within the context of Internet Explorer.


HRESULT putSecureBaseURL (  
   [in] const wchar_t * pwchSecureBaseUrl  


The secure base URL (zero-terminated Unicode string).

Return Value

The value returned if the secure base URL is successfully set.

The value returned if the application tries to set the secure base URL during parsing.


Implemented in: MSXML 3.0 and later

Applies to

ISAXXMLReader Interface

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