Provides a convenient way to manage namespaces, namespace prefixes, and namespace URIs for an XML document. With IMXNamespaceManager, namespace contexts are organized as a stack of namespace declarations. Each push operation pushes a namespace declaration or set of namespace declarations onto the stack. Each pop operation discards everything from the top of the stack. Namespace declarations on the stack have both current and local context.


IMXNamespaceManager provides these duplicate methods for C++ processing to avoid the use of BSTR objects for C++. It is not necessary to use BSTR objects because string values are returned in a character buffer.

IMXNamespaceManager performs a search from the top of a stack through all of the namespace declarations, until a declaration is found, or until the bottom of the stack is reached.

For C++, all [in] BSTR parameters can be passed as null-terminated wchar_t*.

All indexes are continuous, and start from 0.

IMXNamespaceManager checks [in] arguments for prefixes to ensure that the prefix name is valid according to the W3C Namespaces in XML Recommendation. IMXNamespaceManager does not check URI arguments.



Msxml6.dll, msxml6.lib (MSXML 6.0)

Header and IDL files: msxml6.h, msxml6.idl

For version-specific GUID and ProgID information, see GUIDs and ProgID Information.


Implemented in: MSXML 6.0

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