Adding Events to a Notification Port

After the port has been created (see Creating a Notification Port), applications can add other event types to the port by calling RegisterClusterNotify. Like CreateClusterNotifyPort, RegisterClusterNotify allows you to specify the type of events (dwFilter) and associate those events with a key (dwNotifyKey). RegisterClusterNotify also allows you to specify an object handle in the hObject parameter, enabling you to receive event notifications on a per-handle basis.

The following code fragment adds resource-specific events to an existing notification port. Any events of a type defined by ResourceEvents that involve hMyResource will generate notifications identified by a dwNotifyKey of dwMyResource:

HCLUSTER hCluster;
HRESOURCE hMyResource;
DWORD_PTR dwMyResource;
DWORD dwResult;

hMyResource = OpenClusterResource( hCluster, L"MyResource" );
dwMyResource = (DWORD)hMyResource;
dwResult = RegisterClusterNotify( hChange,
                                  dwMyResource );