This control code verifies that control codes are being processed on the node where execution of the control is directed. Applications use this control code as a ClusterResourceTypeControl parameter, and resource DLLs receive the control code as a ResourceTypeControl parameter.

  hCluster,                                          // cluster handle
  lpszResTypeName,                                   // resource type name
  hHostNode,                                         // optional host node
  CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_UNKNOWN,                     // this control code
  NULL,                                              // input buffer: (not used)
  0,                                                 // input buffer size (not used)
  NULL,                                              // output buffer: (not used)
  0,                                                 // output buffer size (not used)
  NULL );                                            // actual size of resulting data (not used)


For complete parameter descriptions, see ClusterResourceTypeControl or ResourceTypeControl. This control code has no parameters associated with it.

Return value

When an application uses CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_UNKNOWN as a parameter for ClusterResourceTypeControl, ClusterResourceTypeControl always returns ERROR_SUCCESS.


ClusAPI.h defines the 32 bits of CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_UNKNOWN as follows (for more information, see Control Code Architecture).

Component Bit location Value
Object code 24 31 CLUS_OBJECT_RESOURCE_TYPE (0x2)
Global bit 23 CLUS_NOT_GLOBAL (0x0)
Modify bit 22 CLUS_NO_MODIFY (0x0)
User bit 21 CLCTL_CLUSTER_BASE (0x0)
Type bit 20 External (0x0)
Operation code 0 23 CLCTL_UNKNOWN (0x0)
Access code 0 1 CLUS_ACCESS_READ (0x1)

Resource DLL Support

Conditional. If your DLL supports any other resource type control codes for the indicated resource type, return ERROR_SUCCESS. Otherwise, return ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION.

For more information on the ResourceTypeControl entry point, see Implementing ResourceTypeControl.


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

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