Failover Cluster Administrator

[Support for the Failover Cluster Administrator was removed in Windows Server 2008.]

Administrators use cluster management applications to configure, control, and monitor clusters. Failover Cluster Administrator is an example of a cluster management application. Any system, regardless of whether it is a cluster node, can install Failover Cluster Administrator.

Failover Cluster Administrator allows administrators to manage cluster objects, establish groups, initiate failover, handle maintenance, and monitor cluster activity through a convenient graphical interface. Third-party developers can extend the functionality of Failover Cluster Administrator by implementing extension DLLs.

Note  When you use Failover Cluster Administrator to create a new File Share resource, permissions for the Everyone group for that file share are set to read-only by default. You can change the default permissions by modifying the Security Property for File Shares.

For more information on Failover Cluster Administrator, see the documentation included with the operating system.