Determines whether or not the IP addresses of all the provider IP address resources are registered or not. The following table summarizes the attributes of the HostRecordTTL property.

Attribute Value
Data type DWORD
Access Read/write
Status Required
Minimum 0
Maximum 1
Default 0


Setting this private property to 1 registers the IP addresses of all the provider IP address resources, independent of the online status of any individual provider IP address resource.

The constant for this property is CLUSREG_NAME_NETNAME_REGISTER_ALL_IP.

Setting this private property to 0, the default value, ensures that only online provider IP addresses are registered.


The property value portion of a property list entry for RegisterAllProvidersIP can be set with the following example code.

DWORD          RegisterAllProvidersIPData = 0;
CLUSPROP_DWORD RegisterAllProvidersIPValue;

RegisterAllProvidersIPValue.Syntax.dw = CLUSPROP_SYNTAX_LIST_VALUE_DWORD;
RegisterAllProvidersIPValue.cbLength  = sizeof(DWORD);
RegisterAllProvidersIPValue.dw        = RegisterAllProvidersIPData;


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

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