Specifies the recommended interval in milliseconds at which the Cluster service should poll resources of the particular resource type to determine if they appear operational. The polling occurs when the Resource Monitor calls a resource DLL's LooksAlive entry point function. The following table summarizes the attributes of the LooksAlivePollInterval property.

Attribute Value
Data type DWORD
Access Read/write
Minimum 1
Maximum 0xFFFFFFFF
Default 5000


A resource type must have a value for its LooksAlivePollInterval property; it is not optional. LooksAlivePollInterval should be set to a value that is as small as possible to cause failovers to occur in a timely manner. Zero is not a valid setting because it prevents the Resource Monitor from calling any of the resources' LooksAlive entry point functions.

The LooksAlivePollInterval property for resources is also a common resource property.


The property value portion of a property list entry for LooksAlivePollInterval can be set with the following example code:

DWORD          LooksAlivePollIntervalData = 300;
CLUSPROP_DWORD LooksAlivePollIntervalValue;

LooksAlivePollIntervalValue.Syntax.dw = CLUSPROP_SYNTAX_LIST_VALUE_DWORD;
LooksAlivePollIntervalValue.cbLength  = sizeof(DWORD);
LooksAlivePollIntervalValue.dw        = LooksAlivePollIntervalData;


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

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