Failover Cluster API Reference

This section describes the programming elements of the core Failover Cluster API. For task oriented information about how to use this API, see Using the Failover Cluster APIs.

In this section

Control Code Reference

Describes the control codes and control code functions, which provide access to failover cluster operations.

Failover Cluster Object Handles

Describes the handles to failover cluster objects, which are used as input parameters to Failover Cluster Object Management Functions.

Failover Cluster Object Management Functions

Describes the functions that applications and resource DLLs use to manage failover clusters, cluster objects, and the failover cluster database.

Failover Cluster Utility Functions

Describes the failover cluster utility functions, which provides applications and resourse DLLs with access to general purpose and service management operations.

Resource DLL Functions

Describes the functions that allow the Cluster service to manage resources indirectly through a Resource Monitor and a resource DLL.

Failover Cluster Properties

Describes the properties that define the identity and behavior of failover cluster objects.

Failover Cluster Structures

Describes the structures of the Failover Cluster API.

Failover Cluster Enumerations

Describes the enumerations of the Failover Cluster API.

Failover Cluster Administrator Extension Functions and Interfaces

Describes the functions and interfaces that a cluster management application can use to implement UI components that manage failover cluster objects.

Cluster-Aware Updating Plug-in Reference

Describes the WMI provider and the APIs related to creating plug-ins for the Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) tool.

Failover Cluster Reference