AddInitiator method of the MSFT_SMStorageGroup class

Adds an Initiator ID to a storage group.


Uint32 AddInitiator(
  [in]            String                InitiatorID,
  [in, optional]  Uint16                HostType,
  [in, optional]  String                username,
  [in, optional]  String                password,
  [out]           MSFT_SMJob        REF Job,
  [out, optional] MSFT_SMExtendedStatus ExtendedStatus


InitiatorID [in]

The ID of the initiator port.

HostType [in, optional]

Defines the operating system, version, driver, and other host environment factors that influence the behavior exposed by storage systems.

The possible values are.

Unknown (0)

Other (1)

Standard (2)

Solaris (3)

HPUX (4)

OpenVMS (5)

Tru64 (6)

Netware (7)

Sequent (8)

AIX (9)

DGUX (10)

Dynix (11)

Irix (12)

Cisco iSCSI Storage Router (13)

Linux (14)

Microsoft Windows (15)

OS400 (16)


HI-UX (18)

VMware ESXi (19)

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (20)

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (21)

DMTF Reserved

22 32767

Vendor Specific

32768 65535

username [in, optional]

Used to authenticate with the SMI-S provider. If not provided, the storage service attempts to obtain these credentials from the configuration provider.

password [in, optional]

Used to authenticate with the SMI-S provider. If not provided, the storage service attempts to obtain these credentials from the configuration provider.

Job [out]

A reference to the MSFT_SMJob instance. May be NULL if the job is completed.

Windows Server 2012: This parameter is not supported prior to Windows Server 2012 R2.

ExtendedStatus [out, optional]

An MSFT_SMExtendedStatus object containing the results of calling this method.

Return value

Success (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unspecified Error (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (4096)

Invalid initiator port ID (4098)

Invalid permission (4100)

Target/initiator combination already exposed (4101)

StorageService: Error InitiatorID Required (40005)

StorageService: Not Unique InitiatorID and TargetPortID Combination (40040)

StorageService: Unable to get MaskingGroup from job (40061)

StorageService: Error Unable to add InitiatorID - OneHardwareIDPerView is set to true (40065)

StorageService: Provider does not support masking and mapping operations (40107)

StorageService: More than one MaskingGroup of the same type are associated with the SPC on the Provider (40111)

StorageService: Unable to Find or Create a StorageHardwareID Object on the provider (40115)

StorageService: Warning StorageClientSettingData Not Supported on provider (40300)

StorageService: Error processing of StorageClientSettingData (40700)

StorageService: Error StorageClientSettingData specified HostType was Not Found (40701)

StorageService: Warning StorageClientSettingData HostType Not Found. Other or Standard HostType was used instead (40702)

StorageService: Error StorageClientSettingData not found for the specified HardwareId (40703)

StorageService: Error StorageClientSettingData provider failure (40704)

StorageService: Method invocation failed (40705)

StorageService: Error: Provider job completed with errors (41000)

StorageService CIM Error: Failed (43001)

StorageService CIM Error: Access denied (43002)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid namespace (43003)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid parameter (43004)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid class (43005)

StorageService CIM Error: Not found (43006)

StorageService CIM Error: Not supported (43007)

StorageService CIM Error: Class has children (43008)

StorageService CIM Error: Class has instances (43009)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid superclass (43010)

StorageService CIM Error: Already exists (43011)

StorageService CIM Error: No such property (43012)

StorageService CIM Error: Type mismatch (43013)

StorageService CIM Error: Query language not supported (43014)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid query (43015)

StorageService CIM Error: Method not available (43016)

StorageService CIM Error: Method not found (43017)

StorageService CIM Error: Unexpected response (43018)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid response destination (43019)

StorageService CIM Error: Namespace not empty (43020)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid enumeration context (43021)

StorageService CIM Error: Invalid operation timeout (43022)

StorageService CIM Error: Pull has been abandoned (43023)

StorageService CIM Error: Pull cannot be abandoned (43024)

StorageService CIM Error: Filtered enumeration not supported (43025)

StorageService CIM Error: Continuation on error not supported (43026)

StorageService CIM Error: Server limits exceeded (43027)

StorageService CIM Error: Server is shutting down (43028)

StorageService CIM Error: Query feature not supported (43029)

StorageService: Generic Failure (51000)

StorageService: Invalid connection credentials (51005)

StorageService: SSL connection failure (51010)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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