Decrypt file flags

Constants for specifying file decryption behavior.



Specifies that default settings should be used. For usage, see for IpcfDecryptFile.



Allows applications to decrypt the file, even if the EXTRACT right is not granted.

Applications that pass this flag must ensure that all RMS rights are enforced, including but not limited to:

EXTRACT if this right is not granted, the application will ensure that all decrypted copies of this content are deleted after use. If decrypted content is displayed to the user (e.g., in an editor), the application will block clipboard access and screen capture for this content (see: IpcfGetSerializedLicenseFromFile, IpcGetKey, IpcAccessCheck, and IpcProtectWindow.

For a complete list of rights that your application must support, see Usage restriction reference.


Minimum supported client
Windows Vista with SP2
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008
Ipcfile.h (include Msipc.h)