Developer guidance and information

This section covers specific guidance for several important development scenarios as well as general information about developing with this SDK. The scenarios in this section are specific to this release of the Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 and may be altered in subsequent releases.

In this section

How-to: use ADAL authentication

Authentication with Azure RMS for your app using Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).

How-to: add explicit owner rights

Your application should explicitly add "Owner" rights when creating a license from scratch (IpcCreateLicenseFromScratch).

How-to: debug a rights-enabled application

The following topic shows how to debug your application and use the Windows Event Log.

How-to: enable document tracking and revocation

This topic covers the basic guidance for implementing document tracking of content as well as example code for metadata updates and for creating a Track Usage button for your app.

How-to: enable email notification

Email notification allows for a protected content owner to be notified when his or her content is accessed.

How-to: enable your service application to work with cloud based RMS

This topic outlines steps for setting up your service application to use Azure Rights Management.

How-to: install and configure an RMS server

This topic covers the steps to connect to an RMS Sever for testing your rights-enabled application.

How-to: set the API security mode

You can choose which security mode your File API application runs in by using the IpcSetGlobalProperty function.

How-to: work with encryption settings

This topic orients you to our encryption packages and shows some code snips for their use.

Application types

This topic covers types of applications that you might choose to create as rights-enabled.

File API configuration

The File API's behavior can be configured through settings in the registry.

Supported file formats

The File API supports native and Pfile formats.

Supported platforms

This topic identifies the RMS SDK 2.1 supported client and server platforms.

Understanding usage restrictions

All RMS enabled applications must enforce usage restrictions.

Usage restriction reference

Usage restrictions are defined by the constants listed in this topic.