InstallSoftwareFromURI method of the MSFT_PCSVDevice class

Installs software on the physical computer system.


uint32 InstallSoftwareFromURI(
  [in, out] CIM_ConcreteJob REF Job,
  [in]      uint16              Classifications[],
  [in]      string              URI,
  [in]      uint16              InstallOptions[],
  [in]      string              InstallOptionsValues[]


Job [in, out]

On return contains a reference to the job, but can be null if the task is completed.

Classifications [in]

Specifies values that classify the software. This parameter corresponds to the MSFTSM_SoftwareIdentity.Classifications property.

Not Applicable

*value* = 9

Firmware (10)

BIOS/FCode (11)

Software Bundle (13)

Management Firmware (14)

DMTF Reserved

15 32767

Vendor Reserved

32768 65535

URI [in]

Specifies the URI or the software to be installed. This parameter corresponds to the CIM_SoftwareInstallationService.InstallFromURI.URI parameter.

InstallOptions [in]

Specifies options to control the installation process. This parameter corresponds to the CIM_SoftwareInstallationService.InstallFromURI.InstallOptions parameter.

Defer target/system reset (2)

Force installation (3)

Install (4)

Update (5)

Repair (6)

Reboot (7)

Password (8)

Uninstall (9)

Log (10)

SilentMode (11)

AdministrativeMode (12)

ScheduleInstallAt (13)

DMTF Reserved

14 32767

Vendor Specific

32768 65535

InstallOptionsValues [in]

Specifies additional information about the option in the corresponding element in the InstallOptions array. This parameter corresponds to the CIM_SoftwareInstallationService.InstallFromURI.InstallOptionsValues parameter.

Return value

This method returns one of the following values.

Completed with No Error (0)

Not Supported (1)

Failed (2)

Reserved (3 4095)

Job Started (4096)

DMTF Reserved (4097 32767)

Vendor Reserved (32768 65535)


Minimum supported client
Windows 8.1
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012 R2

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