Process Snapshotting Enumerations

The Process Snapshotting API defines the following enumerations.

Structure Description
PSS_CAPTURE_FLAGS Flags that specify what PssCaptureSnapshot captures.
PSS_DUPLICATE_FLAGS Duplication flags for use by PssDuplicateSnapshot.
PSS_HANDLE_FLAGS Flags to specify what parts of a PSS_HANDLE_ENTRY structure are valid.
PSS_OBJECT_TYPE Specifies the object type in a PSS_HANDLE_ENTRY structure.
PSS_PROCESS_FLAGS Flags that describe a process.
PSS_QUERY_INFORMATION_CLASS Specifies what information PssQuerySnapshot function returns.
PSS_THREAD_FLAGS Flags that describe a thread.
PSS_WALK_INFORMATION_CLASS Specifies what information the PssWalkSnapshot function returns.