Process Snapshotting Functions

The Process Snapshotting API defines the following functions.

Function Description
PssCaptureSnapshot Captures a snapshot of a target process.
PssDuplicateSnapshot Duplicates a snapshot handle from one process to another.
PssFreeSnapshot Frees a snapshot.
PssQuerySnapshot Queries the snapshot.
PssWalkMarkerCreate Creates a walk marker.
PssWalkMarkerFree Frees a walk marker created by PssWalkMarkerCreate.
PssWalkMarkerGetPosition Returns the current position of a walk marker.
PssWalkMarkerSeekToBeginning Rewinds a walk marker back to the beginning.
PssWalkMarkerSetPosition Sets the position of a walk marker.
PssWalkSnapshot Returns information from the current snapshot position, then advances to the next position.