SetByChangeDAInstallationType method of the PS_DAServer class

This cmdlet sets the properties specific to the DA server.


uint32 SetByChangeDAInstallationType(
  [in]  string   ComputerName,
  [in]  string   DAInstallType,
  [in]  boolean  Force,
  [in]  boolean  PassThru,
  [out] DAServer cmdletOutput


ComputerName [in]

IPv4/IPv6 address or hostname of the machine on which the DirectAccess server machine specific tasks should be executed

DAInstallType [in]

This parameter is used to change the configuration in which DA has been deployed. It can take one of the following values. 1. FullInstall. 2. ManageOut. The DAInstallType is a global configuration and applies to the entire DA deployment.

FullInstall ("FullInstall")

ManageOut ("ManageOut")

Force [in]

Switch parameter used to suppress user confirmation prompts for the following conditions. When suppressed the cmdlet assumes user confirmation for the below mentioned changes. 1. ConnectTo change would result in a change in the SSL certificate. 2. During SSL cert change if an appropriate cert is not found then a self-signed cert is created 3. Changing DirectAccess installation type

PassThru [in]

Returns an object that conveys the properties of the DA server. By default this cmdlet does not generate any output

cmdletOutput [out]

DA server properties. 1. Authentication type 2. Internal IPv6 prefix 3. Client IPHTTPS IPv6 prefix 4. Usage of machine cert auth for 1st tunnel 5. IPsec cert 6. IPsec intermediate cert usage 7. Status of health check. Common properties 1. SSL cert 2. ConnectTo address 3. Internal interface 4. Internet interface


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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