SetByVpnIPAddressAssignment method of the PS_VpnIPAddressAssignment class

This cmdlet does the following1. Configure the IPv4 address assignment method2. Configure the IPv6 prefix for IPv6 address assignment


uint32 SetByVpnIPAddressAssignment(
  [in]  boolean                PassThru,
  [in]  string                 IPAddressRange[],
  [in]  string                 ComputerName,
  [in]  string                 IPAssignmentMethod,
  [in]  string                 IPv6Prefix,
  [out] VpnIPAddressAssignment cmdletOutput


PassThru [in]

Returns the VPN IP address assignment policy object. By default this cmdlet does not generate any output

IPAddressRange [in]

Indicates the IP address range from which IP addresses are allocated to VPN clients. Consists of a start IP and an end IP. This parameter can be configured only if the IPAssignmentMethod parameter is specified to be StaticPool. If there are no pre-existing IPv4 address pools (see cmdlet description for more details) then it is mandatory to specify an address range

ComputerName [in]

IPv4/IPv6 address or hostname of the machine on which the VPN server machine specific tasks should be executed

IPAssignmentMethod [in]

Indicates the mechanism for IPv4 address assignment. Can take one of the following values: 1. Dhcp 2. StaticPool When load balancing is active the IPv4 address assignment method cannot be configured to DHCP. Only static pool is supported

Dhcp ("Dhcp")

StaticPool ("StaticPool")

IPv6Prefix [in]

Specifies the IPv6 prefix used for IPv6 address assignment

cmdletOutput [out]

  1. Type of IPv4 assignment (DHCP, StaticPool). 2. List of IPv4 address ranges (if static pool was set)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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